About us

About Us

The company was found in 1993 in the town of Vratsa, Bulgaria as a trading business in the textile industry. An own factory was established in 1997 and the initial activity was been contract manufacturing of outerwear for clients across Europe up until 2007.

The brand of IDDI was been launched 9 years ago. For the last 6 years the collections of IDDI have been available on the international market. Presently, international sales represent about 90% of the whole production..
IDDI's collections are available in prestigious boutiques in England, France, Italy, Greece, Israel, Lebanon, Russia, USA and other countries.
IDDI's style is clean, classic and modern at the same time.

The essence of each collection is "stylish outerwear" which highlights the modern feminity.
The fabrics are exclusively of high quality, including wool, cashmere, alpaca and mohair, made in Italy.

All items are made in IDDI’s own factory in Vratsa, Bulgaria under strict quality control and with sartorial finishing for many elements.
The factory is fully equipped with high-end machines for all operations. Today the factory employs 95 skilled sewing professionals. The production process begins with the cutting of the fabric, supervised by technologists, after which the garment passes through the entire manufacturing chain under strict control in each phase of the production cycle. The final quality check is performed according to a rigorous procedure, developed and proven in practice through the years. Some of the garments are embellishment with accessories by hand in a sartorial way.

The result is crafted outerwear at sound cost in the middle price range.
The products of IDDI is an exquisite assortment of clothing that conveys a new concept in contemporary outerwear made for the sophisticated customer who can really appreciate the elaborate creative work that goes into each garment.

The ambition of the IDDI team is every season to develop a new and attractive products for their customers.x